Monday, November 29, 2010

Did you know????

that sometimes it can take two days to actually DO all the dishes from Thanksgiving?? :) or three even. you just never know. {teehee}

that *this* wonderful place exists? I have already sent some of my precious moolah her way {post coming S.O.O.N with details of my purchase} and don't see that stopping....seriously people, SERIOUSLY!! the cuteness...I die.

that there is no such thing as a Thanksgiving "break" when you are a mama? It just doesn't exist.

that there are only TWO weeks left in the semester?? {cue the ulcers since I have massive projects due all week}

that I forgot the age of my youngest son?? I have been telling people he is 17 months and I realized today...he is 15 months. whoops. poor, poor 5th child.

that you folks out there are just going to have to settle for bulletin-points-style- blogging since that is all my brain can muster?

that it takes at least an hour longer in the mornings to get out the door because of all the bundling for the cold??

                                                        BUT these cuties are worth it!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for these beautiful faces and all the blessings I have been given. {and of course Theo! he was napping at the time this was snapped.}


Dawn said...

Yes to all the above - and getting ready to go somewhere in winter - my worst nightmare right now - especially since we're at the "I Can Do It Myself" stage! Car seats and winter coats - UGH!!

Briana Renee said...

I so feel you on the school thing. I am counting MINUTES until the semester is over. I'm going crazy with projects and papers and everything else! Hang in there! The end is NEAR!