Thursday, June 18, 2009


Pregnancy Tidbits:

-After having an innie all the way through for my first two pregnancies, my belly button has suddenly decided to start popping out. I love it!!

-I am alternating between nesting like mad and being so exhausted I could take two or more naps and still go to bed early.

-My doctor ok'd me trying for a VBA2C! He did keep repeating that my success rate is 50%, to which I wanted to reply, "Do you know how stubborn I am?" I am hoping-hoping-hoping preeclampsia does not make an appearance this pregnancy and ruin my VBA2C plans.

-It's starting to really sink in that there is going to be a NEWBORN BABY BOY here in a few short weeks!!! I am aching to see his face, hear his cry, and just know my precious 3rd son.

-I am reminded every day of how incredibly blessed I am. It makes me cry just thinking of it(that and the hormones). I read all these blogs of these women who struggle to get pregnant, struggle to stay pregnant, and struggle to have healthy babies. I have taken these things for granted. I get pregnant very easily, pregnancies go fairly well(minus the preeclampsia issues) and I have beautiful, healthy babies that thrive. I am just amazed at how blessed I am and I do not take it lightly anymore.

- We are SO set up for this baby. I have seriously bought two little jumpers-that's it. I don't need anything else, we just had a baby boy last year and he has lots and lots of clothes. We do still need our infant car seat and shortly after Baby Boy is born, we will be purchasing this:

Other than that, we have EVERYTHING else!

-It's been so nice to have Matt home for a few days after his whirlwind few months planning this HUGE conference!(He took 4 days off to just be home.) It was a success, of course, because he is amazingly talented. However, now life can slow down a bit and I am thankful for a slowed down few weeks before it speeds up again. :)

-Life is good. Seriously. Really, really good!

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The Gypsy Mama said...

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know! Crazy right? The Bumbo was at a church yard sale and my mouth about dropped open when I saw the sticker. I just had to snag it - that's just one crazy deal I wasn't going to pass up on! And I totally HEART craigslist - it is my new all time favorite addiction for snagging deals on kids stuff - I still can't believe the sand box - I think it may make me happier than my boys!!

And I TOTALLY get the pregnancy hormones - I could start crying at a commercial for goodness sakes when I was pregnant! Your reasons seem much better :)