Wednesday, June 3, 2009

because I should be studying!

Things that give me heartburn: 

Orange juice
Cranberry juice
Butter(on toast)
Mexican food(which I LOVE and am craving non-stop right now.)
Too much water(ok, I KNOW but it's true)
Macaroni and cheese

Things that take the heartburn away:

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!


Because I promised a belly shot, I have included my 26 week shot of the belly. Please ignore the fact that I am 32 weeks today and this picture is already outdated. Details, details. 

I feel super uncomfortable at this point in my pregnancy and cannot imagine another 8 weeks of growing! I am trying to focus on the fact that I have been  incredibly blessed to have not just one, not just two, but THREE healthy babies! Matt and I talk about that a lot- how some people can't have one yet we have been blessed FIVE times with healthy children. Whew- glad all those babies weren't from MY uterus- my third pregnancy is pushing my limits, don't know how you would pull off 5! :)

I am extremely hungry these days but the only thing I want to eat is Mexican gumbo from Qdoba and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream- not such healthy choices.

At my check-up this week, my blood pressure was good. My urine was free from protein( a sign of developing preeclampsia). Yay for no preeclampsia! I asked my doctor how likely I am to develop this again and he said because I did with both of my previous pregnancies, it's pretty likely. However, he did say stranger things have happened and he has seen women with two or more previous cases not develop it. 

We talked about a C-section date. I feel like my doctor is not fully respecting my decision to try for a VBAC.  He is kind of C-section happy however I am not really wanting to switch doctors at 32 weeks. He would like to schedule a C-section at 39 weeks however after talking with Matt, I have decided that we will schedule a date for my section at 40 weeks and see what happens with my body until then. If I DO develop preeclampsia, the baby will need to be taken out right away. There is no room to play with me and preeclampsia, we know what happens and how it progresses. However, if I DON'T, I am going to let my body go into labor. If I hit 40 weeks and still no signs of labor, I might have to consider doing a Cesarean at this point. For women who have had one or more C-sections, using drugs to induce labor ups the risks BIG TIME. So those are off limits for me. But...if I am 40 weeks and dilating some, I might continue to just let my body do its thing. It's all still very much in the air and makes me feel a bit uneasy. It's so crazy to think that Baby Boy could be here in 4 weeks. I am hoping it's around 37-38 weeks, but the longer he cooks, the better!

I am so excited to meet this active little man! I want to stare at his sweet face, hear his cry, introduce him to his brothers and sister, hold him, breast feed him, just be a mama to a newborn again. It goes so quickly and I can't wait to love on my new babe!


My online classes have started! I am actually enjoying them...I have started managing my time better because of the awareness of NEEDING to get my assignments, discussions and reading done. So I have accomplished more and become more organized than I have been in months. 

NOW....if I could just have some help with this heartburn...

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