Sunday, June 28, 2009


Life is busy. Busy however fairly uneventful so not much blogging is going on, on my blog.

Mason started swim lessons! He started with Preschool 1 and has now passed on to Preschool 2, which starts on Monday! He is really impressing me with how much he loves being underwater. He was totally my kid who freaked when water barely sprayed in his eyes during a shower. Suddenly, he has flipped and adores jumping not only in, but under the water!

I am staying busy growing one baby boy and chasing another around! Will is BUSY- he is into everything and cracks me up daily at how curious he is about the world around him. I will be 35 weeks on Monday- it sure has flown. And.....NO PREECLAMPSIA! I have an appt. on Tuesday and then I start going every week. I delivered Mason at 36w5d and Will at 37w2d so it's starting to feel very real!

We are loving summer! I get depressed if I am in the house too much so summer is the perfect excuse to be out in the great weather, enjoying water parks, free movie nights, family time and walks. It will be fun to have a baby in the summer...never done that before.

That's about it for now. Post coming soon with pictures of our water fun, Mason at swim lessons, and my 35 week belly shot!

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Kym said...

can't wait to see that belly shot!