Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the great craving of 2011

One word friends: Sauerkraut! Yes, sauerkraut!

Before Saturday night, I had tasted one bite of this substance many years back, when my sauerkraut loving grandma made a big bunch of the stuff. meh. Not impressed.


Matt wanted veggie hot dogs for dinner two nights ago and my mind IMMEDIATELY craved the stuff. I had to have it. I hunted it down in Target as if my life depended on it. I slathered it all over our hot dogs that night. mmmm....

 Last night I very purposely designated Monday night, Leftover night, just so I could have another veggie dog with you guessed it, sauerkraut.

I then woke up at 1230 am today, starving and had to have it. HAD TO. I pulled my tired butt out of bed and ate a bowl of amazingness-plain. Have I lost my ever loving mind? And don't even say it- I am not pregnant!

Since my early morning wake up for the cabbage goodness, I have had two more bowls of the deliciousness, and this craving is still going strong.

I am not sure what's going on...but if you need me, I will be at Target, clearing out their stock of sauerkraut. :)


Dawn said...

That is hilarious! I like it with brats or turkey sausage and fried potatoes. But I don't think I'd like it in the middle of the night, all by itself! Funny.

Stacia said...

This is too funny. And yes, I automatically thought, "She must be pregnant" even though I've been pregnant 3x and never had a crazy craving. :)