Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the good and the bad {but not necessarily in that order}

So, right upfront and all, I know no one is deathly ill, my family is fairly healthy and there are catastrophes all around the world. i know. but life has been a bit on the suckish side here this week.

it involves:
matt's ex. she is lazy, selfish and makes life more difficult for her children because of her own feelings of inadequacy. it's sad that it affects our world, but it does. rising above people, rising above.

a crazy painful tooth, a missed dental appt and living on pain meds until my upcoming appt.

trying to finish up school living on pain meds.

two little boys who have spent the last few days trying to decimate our house, every ounce of food in the fridge and pantry, and my sanity. {this is probably due in LARGE part to mama being in pain, thus leading to a not quite as fun mama as they usually get.}

this too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass.
summer is fast on its way in {hallelujah!}
after tomorrow, I am done and done with school until the fall!
and since the clock just hit 12am here, I am 2 weeks in with no pop!!! none! Go me!

**** and it's supposed to be a GORGEOUS weekend here in co land...during which we will celebrate my sister !and! one of my bestie's birthdays, as well as Mama's Day on Sunday!! {hellloooo sleeping in and getting pampered}

Summary: life sometimes sucketh but love conquers all hate, pain meds rock my world until next week, school is almost done and i have a lot of gifts to put together by friday. :)


Dawn said...

Sorry about the ex situation - it's rarely easy, from what I've observed!

Not only pain meds, but withdrawal from caffeine is kicking you, I imagine.

Have a great week-end - sounds good!

Stacia said...

Sorry you had a suckish week. :( I've heard that tooth pain is some of the worst you can experience, you poor thing! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I'm also hoping we can get together this summer once life slooows down a bit.

adriana said...

hang in there, friend!

Sending big HUGS!

Happy mother's day to you, doll :)

Nicole said...

So sorry you have has such a sucky week. Hoping it gets better soon. Have a wonderful weekend!