Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, hello there 2011.

Last night was super fun!

Mason was actually scheduled to be with his dad this New Year's Eve but his dad had a little fender bender and couldn't pick him up. Apparently he had been calling all day to pick Mas up, which:

1. We are always home and he knows that- he could have just swung by.
2. I lose my phone pretty much everyday. {no, i am not kidding.} If anyone knows of a do-hickey that would permanently attach it to me, um, that would be great.

SO he didn't pick him up.
His response: Well, if you would have answered your phone, I would already have him with me.
My response: Thank GOOD NESS he wasn't in your car during an accident! Right? {Maybe there is GOOD reason I always lose my phone.}

Anyhow, we switched our schedule and Mason was able to stay HOME for New Year's Eve!!

We put babies to bed, played cards, ate junk food, jammed to some tunes and counted down until the New Year!

Is anyone else as EXCITED as I am about this new year?! Seriously...I am thrilled for a fresh start. Not that things were all that awful...just ready for a new beginning for:
my weight loss
time with my kids {which should be more plentiful since I switched my school schedule around}

I am SO SO SO SO SO happy to welcome in this year!!!!

Happy New Year Friends!


Stacia said...

Happy new year, Nicole. I'm so glad I met you in 2010!!

Classy Career Girl said...

Happy New Year! I am super excited to ring in the new year too!! YAY! Hope your 2011 is great!

Jen said...

Happy New Year - yes, I think this is going to change a lot of things for this year!

Good Luck with all your goals!

Dawn said...

There used to be phones that were attached - not to us, but the receiver to the other part - good way to keep track, that was!