Monday, January 24, 2011

I think I will, I know I will, I will!

I will take a shower today and shave my legs!!
{funny story: last week I started shaving my legs and then two little creatures started screaming and so i stopped mid-shave and haven't fixed it yet. it's pretty funny looking! ahhh, life with littles!}
I will brush my kids' teeth before 2pm.
I will drink my whole cup of coffee before it gets cold.

Mason is home with some kind of earache {there's a chance he is making it up but I am too tired to fight it, and didn't want to be that mom that sends her kid to school and then he gets sent home because he is *actually* sick. So he stayed home.} We have a doc appt this afternoon.

Theo is on the upswing of croup. He is clingy but guess what clingy also means?! SNUGGLY! so I am taking it!

Will has a yucky cold too. And I have four lbs of A&P homework to get done! and you know what? I will!

My babies will all feel better soon! I will accomplish all of my homework! and shower! AND shave! completely! ha!
Positive thinking, people. I am trying it out!

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13


Kayla Sue said...

love it!! I haven't visited in a while and I don't know why!! I love your blog!! I need to come by more often! Good luck shaving your legs :)

Stacia said...

:) Hope you accomplished all you wanted to!

Dawn said...

Good one!