Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I want to remember how I feel right now. I want to remember that even when I am frustrated at 2 year old temper tantrum #30 of the day and it's 4:18pm and I have no idea what's for dinner nor a desire to try and figure that out, I still want to remember that this life is beautiful.

With all its imperfections {like bickering with my love over something so stupid this morning, ugh} there is beauty. Glorious beauty. All around me{like my two toddlers regularly napping at the same time in the same room. nothing short of a miracle right there}.
2011 will be the year I make myself focus on the beauty and not the imperfections.
And lest I forget, I will keep reminding myself:


Kayla Sue said...

Awesome post :) I can totally relate!! Hope 2011 is BEAUTIFUL for you!:)

Dawn said...

Good thoughts! I am hoping 2011 is much better than 2010 for our family.