Tuesday, December 21, 2010

on family pictures with Santa

I used to think family pictures and Santa pictures had nothing in common. Santa pictures featured the kids and family pictures featured the whole family. Right? Right.

Well, when you pair a shy two year old with a jolly, fat, hairy man who says Ho,Ho, Ho- the shy two year old is now a frightened two year old. Then the frightened two year old wants to get as far away from the jolly, fat man as he can. I tried to get my petrified toddler to sit but he wanted me and only me at that point. And then, since *I* was already in the picture, we might as well pop Matt in too! And WALLA- this all leads to the beautiful photo below, haha! 
I think this should win an award for most akward family Christmas photo. :) 

Sidenote 1: Yes, my 2 year old is wearing Crocs and purple Halloween socks. Don't judge. 
Sidenote 2: Yes, I am wearing sneakers. I wasn't supposed to be in the photo. 
Sidenote 3: Yes, this photo WAS all my mother-in-law's idea. Never again!
Sidenote 4: We DID have a pretty awesome looking Santa!
Sidenote 5: I am now done with the Sidenotes!


Miller said...

I LOVE it! So funny. That will be so great to look back on!

Amber said...

I love Santa pictures!

I didn't feel like shelling out the 20 bucks (cause I'm a cheapskate LOL) and just took one using my own camera!

Yours is way better!

nmassie218 said...

I think the picture looks AWESOME!

Stacia said...

I think it's adorable. And I think Crocs are awesome. Sneakers as well. :)

jmckemie said...

I say that it is a great picture and the stuff that wonderful memories are made of!

Dawn said...

I think it's great. I've never done the Santa picture thing. Last week the twins and I went into Burger King and there was a guy in a Santa suit - Katie walked right up to him, felt his suit, stared at him while his hat played "Jingle Bell Rock" - I was amazed. Emma, on the other hand, stood as far away as she could.