Tuesday, December 28, 2010

oh the sweet of it all...

It's been one of those *good* days.

You know the ones. The days where there is nowhere to be and nothing particularly important to get done. Yes, I have papers to organize and a full sock basket that could stand to be paired and actually, come to think of it, my laundry basket pile is climbing up the wall.

None of that matters though, next to the agenda we had today.
That agenda was spending time with our kids.

Sweet time. Sweet time playing GoFish with our three oldest and laughing and laughing. Sweet time working together to clear off the table of breakfast dishes. Sweet time baking banana bread with Daphne. Sweet time watching the babies give each other a hug and a kiss after a bicker. Even their bickering seems sweet today. Sweet, sweet, precious time.

The clock is ticking and soon they won't be our babies anymore but grown and out in the real world. Soon we won't spend 10 straight days all together at Christmastime. Soon, very soon, we will look back at this day and say, "Remember when...?"

Sweet time.

I cherished it today.

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Dawn said...

Cherish - perfect word.