Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last First

:::I now interrupt regularly scheduled San Francisco recap programming to show ya'll my baby's first haircut.:::

*stops crying* This is my baby boy, friends. My b.a.b.y. boy. As in the last one coming out of my uterus eva! As in the last first haircut I will ever experience with thine own child again.

{Just want to make sure you get the importance of how big this is {at least to me, ha!}!}

I tried and tried to fight cutting the mullet that had grown its way onto my boy's head. Alas, it could be no more...so we trekked over to Cool Cuts for Kids. It is totally expensive for 15 minutes of cutting *but* my kids can watch a movie and eat a sucker, which totally keeps a 2 year old {and now a 1 year old} kiiiinnnnddd of distracted while they cut, cut, cut.

                                                                        The Mullet
Look at them cheeks!

Time to say goodbye to the overgrown mullet!
SUCKERS are the best way to bribe your kid!!

Although, honestly he didn't even need it. Keeping true to the nature Theo has possessed since even in the womb, he was mellow, laid back and went with the flow. 


I just noticed the crazy face this lady is making. haha!

And the cutting begins!! {while Mama sobs}

Every few minutes, Theo would look at the woman cutting his hair like, "Exactly what are you doing lady?!" He was super curious..then would go back to eating his lolly and watching Elmo. 

MEANWHILE, his grumpy pants brother was not going with the flow quite as well.
Will despises having his hair cut. 

And the finished product?

Not quite finished but ohhhhh so handsome! {and the best shot I could get whilst calming down a 2 year old in the throes of an I-want-no-part-of-this-haircut- tantrum.}

Doesn't Theo look so much more grown up now? 

I keep telling them to slow their roll, yet they don't seem to be getting the memo. 


Dawn said...

Haircuts do change their appearance so much - so handsome! What a cool place to take them. When I used to take Anthony (step grandson) in, it was a battle royal. He kept jumping out of the chair - no neat cars with seatbelts there!

We must get the girls in for trims for the big wedding day! Seems like just the other day we were in there getting the last cuts.

Stacia said...

"Slow their roll" - I love it. Theo looks so handsome:) Thanks for coming today!