Friday, February 12, 2010


*Went to Mason's Valentine's party today. So fun. Final conclusion: 5 year old + Lots of chocolate=insanity. Twenty-four 5 year old's + Lots of chocolate=madness.

* After lots of procrastinating(on my part)and lots of pissyness(on his part), child support orders for Mason are final!!! Mason's dad will now be supporting his child like he should have been the last 5 years!

*About to book a Mason & Mommy trip to California! So excited. So is Mason. He keeps asking how many days until our trip. My family hasn't seen him since he was 2 and this is our special trip together(+baby, since Theo is still attached to the boob)and Mason's birthday present. 

*Daphne and Jack have strep throat.

*Think I may have strep. Yay!(thought this once before, trekked to the doctor, paid my co-pay, didn't have it, felt like a doofus.) I am now hesitant to go get checked again. 

*Despite repeated attempts to start babyfood, Theo is not having anything to do with it. He gags on anything that's not breast milk. We are sticking with exclusive bfing until he is more ready to try foods- and I am in no rush. I am relishing my last baby and my last go round at nursing.

*I am on a MAJOR cooking/baking streak. I think Matt is digging it because it gives him a break from the Master Chef role he has taken in our house. 

*I am still doing Weight Watchers. I am finally getting into a groove with it and realizing I CAN lose weight, even with our crazy life.

*Matt and I are celebrating Valentine's Day tonight instead of Sunday, because we can actually be alone tonight! I am concocting yummy creations for the evening(will post pics)!

*Will keeps escaping from his crib and has now learned how to barricade the door with his toys. He is one of the most clever little boys I have ever met, and I am not just saying that cuz he's mine(or maybe I am). He keeps me on my toes, all day-every day.

*FINALLY, because I can't go without leaving you with a picture, I included Mr. Will passed out in his room after one of his escapes. He did make sure to don a hat first though. Oh how I heart him!

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!


Deb said...

Hey! That guitar onesie is from Target... and was only $4! =)

Judd Corizan said...

Hi Nicole-
I'm Judd Corizan from the meme Sunday Stealing. ( I thought I'd take the time to invite you and all Random Dozen players to join us this and every Sunday. We have a group of great players who participate. We usually post by 3PM Eastern time on Saturdays.


Dawn said...

Okay - I keep going places where I can't see the picture - what's up with that?? Makes me frustrated.

Love this random post - mine are mostly random! Glad you're getting into the WW groove - Prism is going well for me!