Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good friends are few and far between.

My mom was fortunate to have good friends in her short but beautiful life. One of her best friends was Miss Kari. 

I went to live with Kari & Tim after my momma died. They were expecting their first child(Sol) and I was a crazy teenage girl that had just lost her mom and was looking to the wrong things to heal my heart. I put them through a lot. 

I am so grateful for what they did for me and how they opened their home. I see now what a huge thing that was!

Sol was my first experience with babies and taught me a lot- some of which I still use with my own babies. 

When Sol was 10 months old, Kari conceived Will. He is just one month younger than my Mason. 

Our lives are all very busy BUT we were able to get together this last week. 


                                                       Kari & Theo snuggling

When all our kids play, we call her Will-Big Will and my Will- Baby Will, otherwise it gets a BIT confusing! 

                                                                   Big Will

                                                     Sol being a race car driver


                                       The Three Muskeeters(Big Will, Sol, Mason)

                            I am so glad our boys enjoy playing together!!


                    And I kind of (wink, wink)enjoy hanging out with Kari too!!

                                                                   I <3 THIS LADY!

Side Note:  The first picture and these last two are from Kari and my 4th of July celebration a few years ago but they were fitting so I threw 'em in!

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