Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday is...

*a day where I can't quite seem to fully wake up, despite the 2 cups of coffee and 4 crazy children running around.

*a new day full of new miracles(and that's the attitude I will have today, despite arguing with Matty all morning).

*a day full of cleaning, Wii playing, cooking, and reorganizing.

*quickly bringing the afternoon and with it, a visit from the in-laws complete with a Mexican lunch made by Matt. Yumm-o!

*kicking my larger-than-it-was-2-years-ago butt!

*the day Mason comes home from his dad's. MAN I HAVE MISSED THAT LITTLE BOY THIS WEEKEND!!!

What is Sunday to you?? 


Dawn said...

Sunday is being with fellow believers in church - with our neat new pastor! Then a quick lunch and sitting in my recliner with heating pad to keep me warm - all afternoon, if possible!

It's been a rough week with the kiddoes most of the time - Kristen just can't seem to stay healthy.

Hey, did you not get to go to the McGathering at Focus after all? I've just been reading about it on her site.

Dawn said...

His name is Brian Smith - he's early 50s, really good preacher. We're liking him. And Pastor Lynch can come back to our church as a parishioner because he and Brian (he wants to be called Brian or Pastor Brian, if we feel we must)are really good friends.