Sunday, October 23, 2011

tonight's post brought to you by bullet points.

-I found a little lump/knot on Theo's neck/back area. We are heading to the doctor this week and I have a knot in my stomach. Please pray it's just something goofy or me overreacting. 

-I sat in stop and go traffic tonight for an hour! Ugh. Oh, what's that? You want a picture of that? Well, ok! Head over here:

-I think my depression meds have stopped working. I have not missed a dose, nothing has changed but suddenly I feel all wonky. Here we go again....

-A friend of mine had a beautiful baby boy this weekend (Baby Dylan). I snuggled and breathed him in today and it was bliss. 

What did you do this weekend??


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Dawn said...

Definitely. I'm sure he's okay!

I saw Matt's picture - I have to say I have yet to see any beauty in a traffic jam!

Sorry about your meds - I hate that so many young women I know have to take that stuff.

Hope the week gets better!

My week-end was good - can't remember much about Saturday, but Sunday was awesome - good music, thought-provoking sermon, great Sunday school class, good friends visiting (Means, former pastor), our 4x4 group at our house for dinner, a Bronco win with Tim doing well. And awesome weather.