Thursday, October 13, 2011

'lil bit of this, 'lil bit of that.

Last night Matt and I {along with our sidekicks, Will & Theo} chowed down on some amazing grub at this place!  

Then we came home where Matt went to work on the old Mac for his newest adventure. You might remember Matt's challenge last year- the one where he committed to biking to work everyday for a year. That's right, through snow, rain and extreme heat & cold- he biked. Never being one to sit still, he has signed on for a new challenge of taking his camera with him everywhere he goes to find the beautiful in the everyday. He blogs his thoughts and a photo nightly- Go check it out! 

Today has been full of preschool, story time, and coffee hour with some friends. I have been puttering around the house this afternoon, catching up on my favorite blogs and just generally staying low-key. 
In the mood to laugh {when are we not, right?}? These posts had me busting up!

I hope your Thursday is as low-maintenance as mine! 


Dawn said...

We went to the library on Wednesday this week - they like the Thursday one, even though they're technically too old. We go whenever I can fit it in - working around the gym, Bible study, and just life in general.

The daily beauty blog is enjoyable.

Sarah Scriberson said...

Sounds lovely! Congrats to your hubby for sticking with the biking thing for a year - that's pretty hardcore especially considering the winters you guys have.

Mot Juste said...

Love you!