Thursday, September 23, 2010

on my better half.

Last night, I stayed up until midnight working on 6 assignments due that I really thought would be shorter than they actually turned out to be.

Matt stayed up with me, helping me with research. 

{ALSO, he had been up since 6am. ALSO, he had biked to and from work. ALSO, he had strapped the kids in the bike trailer and biked to his Mom & Dad's for dinner, then biked home.}

Morning came way too soon and began the routine of blurry-eyed diaper changing, filling bottles with soy milk and starting our day. Matt was running a bit late getting out the door and was just as blurry-eyed as me YET he remembered that I needed to print papers today and knew the printer needed to be fixed in order for me to do that. 

He walked into the office and right behind him came our baby. Theo franken-walked{he is still new at this}behind him, saying sweet, precious, one year old words,"da da, da da!" I watched Matt scoop up Theo while fixing the printer. I watched Matt interact with Theo and show his son that he would never be too busy for him.  I watched Matt grab my dead phone{i daily forget to charge it} and plug it in for me, without a second thought. I watched him put his family first over and over and not complain about it once. It was enough to make my eyes a little more blurry, but for a different reason. 

When he was ready to head out, I stood up and hugged him tighter than I normally do. We are not perfect- we have our problems just like everyone else. I take my frustration at the world out on Matt more often than I should and ZOMG the man is stubborn in a way I did not know could exist. YET, I am blessed to have this man who cares for his children and I so deeply. I am blessed to have this man who puts himself out there, time and time again, for us, without a second thought.

 Never again will I complain about him forgetting to take out the trash. 


bike to work year said...

When I feel you around,
I was so upset we fell on the ground
When I see you mad at me
It was such a silly thing

And love ..
Such a silly game we play,
Like a summer’s day in May.
What is love, what is love?
I just want it to be love
ooooh. oh

Stillmary said...

What a wonderful post. I was attracted to your blog by the wonderful name of it and now I'm attracted to it by your writing. So nice! And guess what, Matt is a lot like my Mr. Right. We are two lucky, lucky women.

Kayla Sue said...

Ok. Filling soy milk bottles is the story of my life!! I'm a new reader and really excited to have found your blog, I think we have a lot in common!! While I only have one baby boy... I WANT a big family like yours:)

Great post!

Mot Juste said...

I miss both of you guys.