Friday, March 19, 2010

In which I explain an embarassing situation...

Ready for it?
....the winner is......JUSTIN at Naked in Public! (I already know your address but let me know whether you want the tote bag, magnet or shirt. If you want the shirt, send me an email with your size- there are also a lot of different options for men's shirts so I will email you those back. )

And, although he is my brother, he had no idea of my truth because of how embarassing it is!
The answer is #2 - I wore an ankle monitor for 30 days while 7 months pregnant.
Yes, I know, ME! I wore an ankle monitor.

Would you like to know how I managed to find myself in such a predicament?

Well. I had a fine on my license from a ticket I received and had completely spaced the fine- until I was pulled over and found out that because of said fine, they canceled my license. YIKES! So, instead of taking care of fine immediately, like I should have, I continued to drive(yes, without a license, I KNOW!). Then, I was pulled over AGAIN. When I went to the first of my court dates, they combined the two offenses. Punishment for driving without a license is 5 days in jail, however, since I was sporting a ginormous bump under shirt(THEO), the DA offered me an ankle monitor instead and said the judge would have the option of up to 30 days. Well, guesssss whhhhaaat? I got 30 days. UGH!

That was not a fun experience. It was of my own making though.  Fine is now taken care of, license is restored, no more ankle monitor and all is good in the world.

and...just to make you smile... here is a little cheesing from my Michelin Man aka Theo! 


mattrickman said...

I am sure Justin can't wait to have a I am so blogging this womens t-shirt.

Nicoolmama said...

You know....they make them in mens sizes and cuts- as I stated before in my previous blog post-you smart ass!

Kikster Mingsters said...

Tony just got out of Jail on Monday for serving his 5 days for driving on a suspended license! I think that is the dumbest punishment, people who get DUI's only have to go to jail until they sober up!!!

Nicoolmama said...

I agree Kiki- I am glad they wasted so much time and my money on a stay at home mom. hehe

Mot Juste said...

I'd like the shirt! Yay I win.

Nicoolmama said...

Awesome! I will email you on FB with with colors they have and to ask what size!