Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday- Oh How I Love You!

I love confessing all the things I would NEVER do, all in the name of fun. If you want to join in, head on over to Mckmama's site.

This weekend, while making Matty and I a bowl of ice cream, I surely DID NOT scoop a chunk right onto the kitchen floor. Nope!

I then DID NOT pick up said scoop and place in Matty's bowl. Nope, Not Me!

I also didn't giggle to myself after. Nope. When Matty walked in and asked, "What's so funny?"I DID NOT say, "Oh nothing and then hand him his bowl of ice cream! (Hey, 30 second rule!!) Nope, Not Me!

When emailing Mckmama about the Colorado MckGathering, I DID NOT shreak with delight when I received an email promptly back from MckMama, commenting on my subject line. Nope, Not Me! That would be silly, as if she is some sort of celebrity or something.

What have you NOT done this week?  Don't be shy- join in!

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