Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Magic Time

The day passes oh so quickly and suddenly the kids are all in bed. 
The house is quiet. Theo rests for more than 30 minutes at a time. There is no one clinging to my leg or sitting on my hip. There are no stories to read to anyone, no one to remind to flush the toilet or put away their toothbrush. 

I don't have to feed any little mouths, nurse my chunky monkey or wipe any little bottoms. They are all peaceful and slumbering.

This is the time that I have claimed for myself.
The time that quickly goes from 9pm-to 10pm-to 11pm- to 12am.

Yes, a new day arrives and I am still awake. I should be sleeping. 
Yet, I stay up. This is the time when I can read, surf the Internet, snuggle with my handsome man, just BE, without anyone needing something from me. 

This is the time I claim for myself, for my husband and I. 

Even though my kid's needs arrive early in the morning, even though I never quite feel fully rested- this time is worth it.

This is my magic time.

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