Monday, October 11, 2010


So my one of my best friends tied the knot this weekend. It was wonderful. And exhausting.
 And also a M.A.S.S.I.V.E high school reunion!!
 I wish I had more pictures{actually I DO have them, only Matt does because he was the photographer for the wedding but I can't really post them until at least the bride and groom get to see them, gah!}but I was too busy:

*drinking mimosas.
*worrying about how to fit my size H hoohahs{no, I am not kidding}into the one strap dress I let my less endowed friends convince me to buy as my bridesmaid dress.
*watching my beautiful friend exude joy and feeling so much happiness that she found her one. after all the tears and heartbreak we shared- she found her one. uh. what a wonderful thing to watch. :)
*crying because my would not curl, DANGIT!! and i was emotional and frustrated and tipsy so I cried. don't judge.
*observing matty in his element- doing something he loves to do- take photos. it seriously made me fall more in love with him!
*feeling absolutely honored to not only be asked to be there, but to stand up beside her, as one of the bridesmaids and watch every moment up until, during and after the i do's. amazing.
*knowing that i truly have the bestest friends ever.

Now if I could only trade writing papers for an amazing weekend, EVERY weekend!

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Dawn said...

Sounds like a highly emotional time for you!