Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A litt-el bit obsessed

Does anyone else watch the amazingness that is this show?

I know it is silly, juvenile, etc but I ADORE it!

Maybe it is because I became a mom at 19 and can relate to these girls.
Maybe it is because sometimes you just need to not think about your own life.
Maybe it is because it is just so darn entertaining!

It has become my Wednesday afternoon routine{it airs on Tuesday nights}.When the babies go down for their nap in the afternoon,  I grab a cup of coffee, a blanket and my laptop and watch Teen Mom.

Last night's episode was the last for the season and I am sure I will now fill my Wednesday afternoons with more useful things while the babies slumber, like surfing Facebook and singing into my brush in front of the mirror organizing papers and doing schoolwork. But come next September {assuming it airs }you will find me curled up, watching it once again. After all, we all need something we enjoy that's just ours right?!


Amber said...

That show is my guilty pleasure...I can never get the shows to work on They're always "unavailable".

Nicoolmama said...

You have to watch them within a week of airing or they get holdup until a future date! Isn't the show awesome?

Nicoolmama said...

Ok...meant held up!

Stacia said...

I've never watched it, but I agree we all need something for ourselves! :)