Thursday, August 26, 2010

i got this.

what's that? i am a full time student again?

what's that? EACH one of my teachers stated this week that their particular class required 10-15 hours of work outside of the actual class?

what's that? i have four classes?

what's that? i have to keep this house clean, dusted and caught up on laundry?

what's that? i have about 4 million organizational projects to finish up?

what's that? to keep my on-call status, I have to work at least 2 shifts  a month?

what's that? i have FIVE little people in my life to help take care of?

what's that? i have a husband that I want to spend time with too?

what's that? all of my friends have suddenly decided to get married/have a baby/have a birthday, catapulting my social life from previously BORING to go-go-go?

{ps congratulations jessi & danielle on your engagements and beautiful kiki who is going to be a mama!)

what's that? i need to be constantly working on my spiritual walk and relationship with God?

what's that? i also need to stay in check with my depression and anxiety?

oh yeah, i got this. no worries.

 i am not quite sure how it will all work, and exactly how it all fits in, but i am figuring it out one step at a time. i got this because i am made up of the stuff that my beautiful mother was and that doesn't go away. that's in my dna. so don't worry....i got this.

And now after all the seriousness, I present to you something which shall make you laugh!!!!!

   how could life ever be bad, with such a beautiful, HILARIOUS creature in it?

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nmassie218 said...

You can do it! Good luck! Oh and that picture is hilarious!