Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Break

HI! I took a little blog break for a bit but am now BACK!!(obviously.)

I have been busy,busy, busy chasing, rearing and teaching boundaries to my 2 year old, working through some things with my husband, keeping tabs on my now crawling and pulling up on things 8 month old, trying like everything to spend more time with my 6 year old, who often gets left in the dust and working like crazy on my relationship with my beautiful bonus children. 

It's hard stuff but a happy family is the best result, right?! RIGHT.

I thought I would jump right back in with a Not Me Monday. I will start and then, hop over and read Mckmama's and all the other Not-Me'ers(isthataword?). Hey, you can even WRITE ONE OF YOUR OWN!!!!

Sooooooooo.....this week, I most certainly did NOT wait until the last minute run to Walmart(which I loathe)20 minutes before start of Mason's school to buy the items he needed to make his hat for silly hat day. I am MUCH more prepared than that and would NEVER wait until I am almost out of time to get my child what he needs for school. Not me!

I would also never dream of using baby wipes to clean my toddler up before a family birthday party, as opposed to just giving him a bath. No, Not me! I am MUCH more responsible than that!

I would also NEVER go in to check on my toddler during naptime, find him like this:

and you know, just LEAVE him like that. Not Me! I put my two year old in his crib to get a nice, solid nap. I would NEVER leave him on the floor. Just like I would NEVER leave him like this.
(I totally just realized he is wearing the same pants in both pictures...maybe the pants are the reason for the crazy nap time shenanigans.) 

What have you NOT DONE this week?????


Dawn said...

Good one, Nicole. Glad you're feeling better after writing!

Michelle said...

That is too funny! Kids are so funny about where they are able to sleep.