Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's true.

You know this holiday?

The one where we celebrate this wondrous event?

Yup. So not ready for it!

I certainly don't have one of these even in the house yet, let alone decorated.

I certainly have not bought a single one of these either.

Yes, I know Christmas is 9 days away. I am also very aware that my aunt will be here a week from today and I have an entire house to clean in addition to my Christmas tasks.

So before I begin my monumental job, I am going to follow in the footsteps of the woman below:

Whew! I feel much better!
Now it's off to conquer the world my list.

First stop:


Dawn said...

Well, I'm a bit ahead of you - but more shopping to do, and have the twins all week, so it's hard. My poor daughter - flue, strep throat, finals, can't find her ornaments in the garage, no shopping done. You guys should get together at Starbucks - when she's well!

Angela said...

Hi Nicole! thanks for stopping by my blog ;) You post made me smile because I can sooooo relate!!! I have so many people to shop for. I am just tryign to relax, though, and not stress out and just enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. If I don't get all the "things" I intended, who cares. I'm just not goign to drive myself crazy this year!