Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are you ready?!?

I did promise 3 days and alas it has been 4.  Sorry about that- there were proper people that needed to receive our news before Blog World did.

 After no further ado- I must let you all know that our sweet family of 6 will now be a sweet, even more chaotic family of 7. That's right folks, we are pregnant with another little blessing.

I am due August 3rd, however since I will be having a scheduled C-section(Mason was born via C-section due to severe preeclampsia and I attempted a VBAC with Will, however my preeclampsia mildly resurfaced at 37 weeks. Since I had major complications with my first pregnancy, and the signs were there that it was headed that way again, doctors and Matt and I decided to opt for a C-section again. Now, having 2 under my belt, my only option is a C-section.) my doctor has already told me that I will be delivering in late July.

Let me answer a few questions that I know will surface:

1. This pregnancy was PLANNED! I always knew I wanted Will and the next baby to be very close together in age. Knowing this, we never took any precautions to stop future children. I nursed until very recently and that halted any conception efforts. However, Will then decided to go on a nursing strike and Hello Baby!!

2. Yes, Will is 8 months old and having a baby in July will make my youngest babies 15 months apart. I cannot even express how thrilled I am! I have talked with many brave moms who have blazed the trails before me and they all say the same thing- You adapt. The first three months are the hardest and then it gets easier. 

3. Yes, I do realize I will be pregnant during most of the summer. Seeing as how both my boys were April babies, being pregnant this chunk of the year is very new to me. I am a little nervous about being my biggest in awful heat. 

4. This little bean will be our last. So I am going to cherish every movement, every pound gained,  and every stage. I am working on cherishing the nausea- which has been the most extreme and intense out of all three of my pregnancies. Check back with me when it's gone and then I can trivialize it.

Even after knowing at any moment it was possible for me to be pregnant, when it finally happened, it shocked me to the very core. The third discovery of pregnancy was no less thrilling than the first or the second. I instantly had a thousand and one feelings and thoughts. Am I capable of taking care of three children on a daily basis, two of which will be 15 months apart? With Daphne and Jack here half time, I will be responsible(with the help of my fantastic husband) for 5 little lives. Just say it. 5 LITTLE LIVES! That's enough to make anyone feel sick for a moment.  I felt scared, elated, nervous, nauseous, and then promptly burst into tears. At this point, Matt just held me. Once I calmed down, I realized it is going to be ok. More than ok- it's going to be wonderful. It will be a crazy ride and some may think I am nuts for choosing this voluntarily. I am a little nuts which may be why I am ready for this crazy ride! Bring on the chaos!


Amber said...

Yay for babies!!! I'm so excited...what do you think you're having? A boy or girl? Love you :)

Kym said...

Aaghhh!!! I knew it!!!! I just knew it! Congrats, and have fun! You are right, there are SO many people who have babies that close together, that you will adapt just fine!

Justonovich said...

my sies-ter is in the family way! woot!

Amber said...

yay! im so excited for you! and yes you were right you would be pregnant for my wedding lol!! i hope its a girl for poor Daphne's sake lol

Sherry said...


BluRayn said...

Congratulations to you!!! You asked about my stroller...I got it at Babies'R'Us along with the matching playard. Enjoy your pregnancy..we'll prolly be doing our next little one close to this one too and ya...its crazy and a lot of work, but the end results are priceless!!

boltefamily said...