Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cupcakes make the world a better place!

Lessons learned during red, white, and blue cupcake endeavor:

1. The white inserts that come in foil cupcake wrappers are NOT meant to be used! They are just there to separate the foil wrappers. If you KNEW this, please to be pretending you did not.

2. Check and make sure BEFORE ATTEMPTING CUPCAKES, that you have enough oil and food coloring. Those things are kind of NECESSARY.

3. Do not count on the box of cupcakes that SAY they will make 24, actually making 24. Barely made 12.

4. No matter what, do not ask your husband to make a batch of cake batter for more cupcakes. This will end with your cupcakes looking awful and his looking marvelous.  ( I totally asked him if I could claim his cupcakes as mine. The amazing guy that he is, he said yes.)

5. Cupcakes are a delicious snack, even at 2pm.

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Sarah S said...

I had no idea about the liners between the foil wrappers, I just thought you couldn't actually USE the foil wrappers so they put them in paper, then foil instead. Now that I'm typing it that sounds kind of stupid. Good to know now. : ) I actually am somewhat of a baker/cook so this is extra EMBARRASSING.