Monday, June 25, 2012

Mama's HOT!

As we drove home from a very hot, very fun, very UN air-conditioned lodge reunion, I thought all the way home about how I could not WAIT to get to our air conditioned house.

Then we arrived home- where it turns out, sometime in the 3 days we were gone- that wonderful air conditioner BROKE.

In weather like this:

Please to be noticing this photo was taken at 8:22pm and it is STILL 93 degrees!
Uggghhhhhhhhh. I know these are first world problems but it is HOT in this house!

So I am currently sitting in my bra and yoga capris drinking Soy Chai in the largest cup I own and eating unwashed red grapes straight out of the bag ( I live dangerously) while The Chicago Code streams from Netflix onto our tv. Blocks and toys are all over the living room floor, the coffee table is littered with cups and bottles, I have not unpacked a single item of clothing, and I will not be moving any time soon.

I am as classy as they come. 

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Heather said...

Come hang out at our house! Our A/C is still working, and they drained our pool, so we plan to be inside all day! Love you and I am sorry. I feel your pain. That was me all last year! :(